DVD Reviews: Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning

Fit Pregnancy Magazine: Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning BeFit-Mom, $22; befitmom.com The scoop: Filled with restorative moves such as Kegels and belly scooping, the DVD also features an abdominal-strengthening program. Why you'll love it:Helene Byrne, a perinatal-exercise specialist, provides information on reconditioning the muscles most affected by pregnancy and labor.

Core Strength Proves Key After Baby Arrives
Bay Area Parent, 2007

A few weeks after delivery, a mother's cardiovascular strength can return and the discomfort in the low back can feel improved. Her abdominal muscles, however, prove not to be so resilient. Dong a simple sit-up remains elusive and committing herself to a regimen of crunches is not the solution.

Instead, postnatal fitness expert Helene Byrne focuses on slowly restoring integrity to the new mother's pelvic floor and working on core strengthening, specifically the all-important, oft-neglected transverse muscles. "When that gets tight, a whole host of doors open up to you," she says of the ensuing, essential dynamic stability that's created. "I prepare the body neuromuscularly," she adds. "The body is doing layers of jobs during one exercise."

The Alameda resident and author of "Exercise After Pregnancy" is the creator of the new "Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning" DVD — complete with exercise resistance band. The mom, former dancer and self-proclaimed "pretty hard-core jock" offers women a back-to-basics, gentle reentry into the realm of conditioning, with proper positioning as a cornerstone. Exercises such as heel slides, toe taps, and belly scoops — which realign the pelvis — are reflective of Byrne's muscle specificity, whereby, she says, "What your practice is what you get. Classic gym exercises have nothing to do with being postpartum."

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After having my second child, I was really looking for a workout that would help me get my body back in shape, without doing more damage (as I had heard crunches can do). I read about the BeFit Mom fitness program, so I went online and checked out the site (http://www.befitmom.com/). It is so informative in explaining how pregnancy really affects a mother's body. Honestly, I wish that I had heard about this site during pregnancy, because there are so many resources explaining what type of exercises are safe in pregnancy. For my post-partum workouts, I decided to purchase the Bounce Back Fast DVD and book, which comes complete with an exercise band.

The DVD and book arrived quickly, and I felt that the book was very informative. The DVD is wonderful. Helene is very engaging during the workouts (not annoying at all, as I sometimes find with exercise videos), and explains everything, including how a woman's stomach has changing during pregnancy. These exercises are perfect for strengthening a woman's core after pregnancy, and won't cause any additional damage.

I would encourage all pregnant moms to check out http://www.befitmom.com/ either during their pregnancies, or when they are beginning their post-partum exercise program.

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The "Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning" DVD presents a truly innovative postpartum reconditioning program that will have you looking great and feeling terrific—fast! Unlike other programs that offer a run of the mill assortment of exercises that have little relevancy to postpartum needs, the BeFit-Mom system—which fitness expert Helene Byrne created and honed over many years of helping hundreds of new moms get back in shape—provides a unique set of progressive exercises that specifically target postnatal physiology and concerns. Here is what our reviewers are saying about the site, the book, and the DVD:

Chocolate Fingerprints: It was only a couple of weeks ago that I started doing level two in earnest, and I can already tell a difference in how my jeans fit. Also, my transversus abdominus is getting stronger, thanks to the exercises in the book. I can tell because my lower tummy no longer bulges very much during crunches. I can't wait until I'm ready to graduate to level three and try those exercises the correct way!

From Melissa's Desk: This book offers new mothers a comprehensive guide to reconditioning after pregnancy that features a safe, easy to follow, and amazingly effective 3-step program that systematically rebuilds the postpartum body and prepares you for the almost nonstop physical demands of motherhood.The best part for me was these exercises work no matter how postpartum you are!

Here's What I Think: I will admit, I haven't done it like I should, but when I did, I felt better and seemed to have more energy. I have a long way to go before I am back in shape, but this DVD can help get me there.

Moms In a Blog: The exercises are easy to do and I feel more confident in how my body is starting to look.

O Momma Reviews: Firstly, I haven't seen a postpartum exercise DVD that specifically talks about and deals with the abdominal separation as this one does. The exercises themselves are very gentle and easy going, much like pilates and yoga.

Our Seven Qtpies: The exercises in the book are not difficult and it teaches you how to do the exercise correctly. (No painful crunches! But the correct way to work the entire abs, not just one part.) But she also touches on many other areas that need work, too, like posture and restrengthening the pelvic floor.

Rockin' Mama: I know this may not seem significant but I have lost 3 pounds since starting this program (normal weight loss is 1/2-1 pound per week). I've used this program to supplement my walking and have found the program targeting abdominal separation to be particularly helpful. What's really great about the program is that it can be started just days after giving birth (unlike most fitness programs).

Sage and Savvy: BeFit-Mom is an excellent resource for women who are pregnant or recently gave birth on how to stay fit. The site focuses on different types of exercises, why they are good for you, and how they can help during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and post-partum recovery.

The exercises were not strenuous—they were indeed very gentle on my body. Helene was very thorough in her explanations of the different exercises and how they are beneficial. My body feels great whenever I do the exercises.

Summer's Nook: So I tried the video and I like it. It's all about strengthening your core and helping with abdominal separation if you have it. The moves are definitely safe for doing very soon after delivery, definitely strengthen and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I was surprised at how sore seemingly simple stretches and slow movements could get me. And I really liked Helene's reminders to keep your tummy sucked in throughout.

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Bounce Back Fast After Pregnancy!
There is hope for moms everywhere with the help of Helene Bryne and the Be-Fit Mom System! I recently came across a copy of her DVD Bounce Back Fast Post Natal Core Conditioning and her very popular book Exercise After Pregnancy: How to look and feel your best. Helene Bryne is a fitness instructor and a professional dancer with over twenty years of experience. She created the Be-Fit Mom system to help women regain their strength and recondition their bodies after childbirth. Be-Fit Mom helps to prepare your body for the super physical demands of motherhood, I just wish I came across this system sooner. I am now 4.5 months postpartum and with the help of Be-Fit Mom, I have realized that I still have diastasis recti or abdominal separation from my previous pregnancy. Helene teaches you how to recognize this problem and teaches you several safe and effective moves to fix the problem. The great thing about the moves she teaches, is that they are safe to use days after giving birth...she starts you out with Gentle First Moves to help you to slowly regain your strength. You then progressively move into the more advanced Bounce Back Fast workouts with targeted moves that help to realign the spine, provide core stability and flatten and tone your midsection. The end of the book features a section dedicated to teaching mothers how to properly lift baby gear, hold our babies and sit while breastfeeding without doing potential harm to our bodies.

I feel so much more informed about my body post pregnancy than I did before an it's nice to know that I have a resource to make sure I'm using proper form while exercising, which is crucial to how effective these exercises will be working for you! By using the Be-Fit Mom System, you will....

  • Speed healing from labor and delivery
  • Restore Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Develop Deep Core Strength
  • Speed Up Postpartum Weight Loss
  • Realign and Lengthen your spine
  • Repair Abdominal Separation


Hey Hot Mamas! I have a NEW Be-Fit Mom Bounce Back Fast Post Natal Core Conditioning DVD waiting for YOU to buy! I started doing this DVD after I had my twins and Helene Byrne is a MIRACLE worker! My tummy started to strengthen and tighten in a matter of days! You will truly be amazed.

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Getting Back into Shape After Childbirth
Much to my dismay, my body has never been the same since I've had children. My formerly flat tummy is no longer flat. I've got stretch marks and saggy skin (especially after my pregnancy with twins). And ... well, I won't go into any other details. Suffice it to say, this body hasn't seen a bikini in years! Pregnancy does a lot of strange things to the body, both temporary and permanent. I always thought these changes were just something that I'd have to live with, but I've recently been introduced to several products that can help new moms counteract some of the negative impacts of pregnancy on the body and get back into shape faster. Keep in mind that you should NEVER go on a starvation diet or engage in a strenuous exercise program to try to look like some of your favorite celebrities after they've just had a baby. That's just not healthy or safe! But there are programs available that can help you without hurting you.

Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning (DVD)

This award-winning DVD by Helene Byrne, a nationally recognized perinatal exercise specialist, fitness author and certified personal trainer, is just what your body needs if you've recently had a baby. This gentle but effective program helps to rebuild the abdominal wall from the inside out, develop functional core stability and realign the spine. What I especially like about this DVD is that it isn't your standard workout video. Helene really educates new moms about the physiology of their bodies.

The DVD also contains two different workouts. The first one, "Gentle First Moves," can be started just a few days after birth. It helps the body to heal from labor and delivery, relieves discomfort, stretches sore muscles, protects vulnerable joints and ligaments, and even starts flattening and firming up that "jelly belly"! Once you can easily do this program, you're ready to move on to the second workout, "Bounce Back Fast!" This helps you to develop deep core strength, realigns and lengthens your spine, repairs abdominal separation, restores pelvic floor muscles, and much more.

This DVD even includes a free exercise resistance band inside the package, which increases the effectiveness of the exercises. Bounce Back Fast is a fabulous and safe program that new moms can do in the privacy of their own home at their convenience. Each workout is about a half-hour, so it can be squeezed in while your baby is napping.

Helene Byrne is also the author of a book, Exercise After Pregnancy: How to Look and Feel Your Best, and founder of BeFit-Mom, which provides moms with expert information on prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise for healthier pregnancies and recovery. Please visit www.befitmom.com to learn more about the Bounce Back Fast DVD, the Exercise After Pregnancy book and the BeFit-Mom program. (And you get a special price if you buy both the DVD and book directly from www.befitmom.com!)

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Getting back to your pre-pregnancy strength is a huge challenge....at least it has been for me. I go to sleep thinking tomorrow is the day that I will work on getting my body back, tomorrow I will exercise, and somehow tomorrow I end up thinking the same thing that night. Bounce Back Fast by Helene Byrne targets all of the areas of your body that are affected by pregnancy. The DVD is far from exhausting and very different from any other fitness DVD I had ever tried. It uses post natal core conditioning to whip your body back into shape. The DVD is a blend of dance, yoga, and even pilates plus it comes with a resistance band to use with your workout. It has two different work out programs and the first one is actually gentle enough to use as early as a few days after giving birth. The programs are short too (30 -35 mins) and you can get a full workout in that tiny span of time. I found Bounce Back Fast to be very effective and easy to use. The instructor does an excellent job of explaining every step right down to how you should be breathing. While the workout is complete it isn't exhausting and it surprisingly left me feeling energized & relaxed at the same time (a rare combo for me).

BeFit-Mom also offers an amazing book called Exercise After Pregnancy. I found it incredibly useful and very simple to apply to my life. I was really shocked by how quickly I felt progress. I loved the step by step photo instructions and the way you could workout at your speed. I was also interested by the very detailed explanations of each exercise. It was fascinating to know why each move worked and how to get the most out of each movement. BeFit-Mom has an extremely helpful website as well where you can find tons of links and info about ways to get fit, as well as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, even postpartum resources.

Here at BeFit-Mom, you'll find a wealth of free, in depth, expert information and advice about prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise to help you have the healthiest pregnancy, and the healthiest baby.

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Exercise After Pregnancy
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